How do I cancel or edit my order?

To cancel your order:

  1. Go to and select your school from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter your transcript order number and email address, then select the arrow button.
  3. On the “Track Your Order” page, click the “Cancel Order” button next to your transcript order number.
  4. After you cancel the transcript order, return to to place a new transcript request.

If you do not see the “Cancel” option next to the order number:

  • If your order status says “Consent Form Received” or “In Process,” you will need to contact your school’s registrar’s office and speak with the transcript clerk or specialist to request that your school cancel your order.
  • If your order status is “Sent,” the order cannot be canceled.

To edit your order:

At this time, we do not have an editing option for our Transcript Ordering Service. Please contact your school’s registrar’s office to cancel the order.